Tuesday, January 31, 2006

President Bush We are Listening to You, Please Speak

Last year’s State of the Union, President Bush started with the US domestic affairs, however this year he has started with the United States’s international affairs with a great stress on FREEDOM all over the world, including my Egypt that he mentioned twice in his speech.

Freedom is a top priority to the United States of America. President Bush reiterated that the US will not retreat in front of tyranny and dictatorships that encourage terror. He linked the war on terror to the spread of freedom.

In his address, President Bush showed understanding to the idea that the US has a responsibility to continue to be the beacon of freedom in the world.

I loved in his speech:
“We will choose to act confidently in pursuing the enemies of freedom…”
“Seek the end of tyranny in the world…”

There are so many parts that caught my ears but it is getting late to wait for the full text. Tomorrow I will write more on President Bush speech. It was great especially when he invited Egypt to open up for peaceful oppostion rather than cracking down on them...


At 6:47 AM, Blogger Tomanbay said...

come on...if you're basing your liking for this speech on those two stupid sound bites then you're a really good consumer for empty slogans...
I have no problem with the US whatsoever...I might refuse some of the policies...but thats not the reason I think that lowly (very lowly) of Bush.
Even if his policies are right, he is doing a horrible job in the execution department....for example...he wants to end tyranny in Egypt...don't we all?...as a president of the most powerfull nation in "history"...his words must carry a little more weight...don't u think? Ayman Nour was jailed, the parlimantary elections was a farce..don't tell me that they didn't see that coming...that would be even worse...
so plz next time talk about something that Bush did, not said, that would be a nice change!

At 12:04 PM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...


I perfectly understand the low popularity of President Bush among some Egyptians like you.

But my question what do you want him to do?

The State of the Union is only meant for a year review and future agenda.

In his address, he asked Egypt to allow peaceful opposition to play a role. This is just a hint that the Bush administration's agenda will include in the coming year more stress on the role of opposition.

I would like to remind you that without the Bush administration pressure through political and diplomatic channels, many movements calling for freedoms and more civil rights are emerging in the Middle East. Without the US pressure, Arab regimes do not mind staying in power forever and do not mind giving power to their children and grandchildren. This is changing. If the US wants to keep the presidens for life in power, it would not have allowed Hamas to win the Palestinian elections.

There is more than what is being said. Diplomacy is not about giving orders or taking decisions, when with all honesty the US as you said as a superpower can take such harsh and severe decisions. One of those decisions is cutting aid and you know what will be the consequences, no one will be able to buy a loaf of bread the following day.

I am still not blaming you for your frustration with President Bush. You have the right to like or dislike him. But I have asked this question to so many people I meet who attack the Bush administration. What do you want the US to do? I am glad to know that their frustration is not out of hatred but frustration that they are expecting more. They have high expectations, knowing that the US is Egypt's closest ally and a superpower.

I am expecting more from the US in terms of support to the causes of freedom and democracy in Egypt, but also I am not denying that there has been so much progress done.

At 3:35 PM, Blogger Tomanbay said...

come on...you can't talk without trying the patronizing tone...luckily it doesn't work with me...
listen, u don't know me, and obviously you didn't understand what I said, so here is one more time, as you are a fellow blogger and all:
I am not frustrated with the US whatsoever...I am certainly not waiting for them to ofer us salvation...there are a lot of issues which we have to work out, and if they're willing to help thats ok....I wouldn't mind...
Now, I'm talking about Bush. I know that it's a godamn speech, and I didn't expect him to jump on the podium with an AK-47 in his hand and threaten Mubarak to back off...and I know that it is about outlining political agenda (I have watched the 3 past states of the union live for god's sake)....but here is my point...everytime he said the same things over and over and over again...it is sickening...I can write my own Bush speech now..get this..."We will fight tyranny and opression whrever they are in the world...we will not stop untill every corner of earth is reaping the fruits of freedom and abundance..."...does it sound familiar?
When it comes to execution, though, its a whole different matter. I dont buy the US made Mubarak do elections thing...its so naive...without Kifaya, without the Judges Club, and a lot of different factors, the elections wouldn't have been a reality. Plus, it was a joke after all, so really no success there.
As for Ayman Nour...the US is doing a hell of a job tarnishing this guy's reputation. Diplomacy, as you seem to be an expert in, is about managing expectations and goals. Nobody believed that one man can turn around this country, so why hype the guy, when you know that he won't be able to deliver. And plz don't tell me they didn't know, because you know...the writing was on the wall, for so long before any ballot was cast. Also, their whole blunt support for Ayman Nour (which you may call a stand on principle or whatever) is really bad, bad, bad foreign policy. The US doesn't have its larget fan club in Egypt, so why go that strongly, and publicly mind you, behind a guy who you want to have a chance to lead this country...do you think that at this point of time Egyptians would be wiling to accept somebody America installs (or is deemed to) any more than they accept Mubarak?
Do you want to know the answer? Because a punch of amateurs are running around the white house... The US can surely do better than this in foreign policy, and it did before..
Hope this makes it clear....good night, and good luck!

At 11:42 PM, Anonymous maged salamah said...

Listen, I respect you a lot but I am disappointed in your romantic portrayal of Bush. He is just another fundamentalist who does not differ from the religious yahoos we are fighting in our beloved Egypt. He can not protect the democracy of his own country and is boldly defending his dictatorial actions, so it is extremely hypocritical for him to preach others about democracy. He wasted a beautiful opportunity to destroy fundamentalism in the Middle East and in fact he fostered and strengthened Islamic fascists through his dumb and irresponsible actions..


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