Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Washington Post Played!

Remember the Washington Post's article, “Ending the Silent War”, where I attacked the Post for hosting regime figures, you know what is the strongest rumor running in Egypt now? That the writer was used by the son of the President group to convey to the U.S. Adminstration that the young government is struggling under the old guard to apply reform. The rumor is saying that the young son of the President wanted to visit the US. But the rumor also says that the U.S. replied saying that the only topic that the US want to discuss is the imprisonment of the opposition leader Ayman Nour, a presidential candidate, who was sentenced for five years in prison. If the rumor is right then I was right, the Washington Post is played!!!

Ah, the news is reporting the son of the President's denials for running for the President's office. I do not know why. Nobody asked him to deny or confirm. Ballot boxes and fair, free and democractic elections monitored by international obsevers are the reasons why he should be in power or not.

And speaking of international monitors, Egypt sent international observers to monitor the Palestinian Authority elections. Is this what I call double standard policy?

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's son Gamal, seen here in November 2005, denied rumours he was being groomed for succession in an interview and insisted he had no desire to run in the next presidential poll.(AFP/File/Adel al-Masri)


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