Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Washington Post Editorial, A Must Read

First Signs for punishment due to the slow democratic reform. The young government that has always tried hard to associate itself with the US was "disinivted" according to the post. The editorial calls upon the Bush Adminstration to relate between the $1.8 billion and a list of conditions for democracy and freedom.

Here are some excerpts from the editorial, "A first Answer to Egypt":

"An Egyptian delegation that was to visit Washington this month to discuss a free-trade agreement has been disinvited, and the agreement itself was put on hold. Thanks to Mr. Mubarak's autocratic backsliding -- including his crude persecution and imprisonment of his leading liberal opponent, Ayman Nour -- Egypt will continue to lag behind Jordan, Morocco and other modernizing Arab states that enjoy tariff-free access to U.S. markets. For Egypt's business community and the reformist technocrats in its cabinet, the message should be clear: Egypt won't join the global economic mainstream unless it abandons its corrupt dictatorship."

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