Wednesday, May 03, 2006

RSF's Annual Report Criticizes Egypt's Clamp Down on Online Media

Reporters without Borders' Internet Annual Report 2006 puts Egypt on the spot with regards to its continuous clamp down on online or internet media. Last October Kareem Amer was arrested for his controversial writings about Islam and later was dismissed from his Al Azhar University.

Last week of April, another blogger activist was arrested for his support to the pro-reform judges from the Judges Club in Egypt. On Egypt from the RSF's Annual Report.

"The government has taken steps since 2001 to
control online material.Though censorship is
minor, some criticism of the government is not
welcome. The government seems unsure what to
do about the explosion of blogs, being more used
to pressuring the traditional media.A blogger was
arrested for the first time in late October 2005
because of the content of his blog." Full Report....


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