Sunday, April 23, 2006

Mubarak is Hanging in Cairo’s Downtown Streets

For the fourth day, the Egyptian judges’ sit-in is continuing in protest to the regime’s attempts to stifle the judges’ endeavors to separate the judiciary from the strong iron grip of the Egyptian regime and the executive power.

In the latest escalation to foil attempts to liberate Egypt’s judiciary, the Minister of Justice referred judges Hisham Bastawesy and Mahmoud Mekky (cassation court) to a disciplinary council while threatening to oust them from their positions.

Head of the cassation court who is also the head of the higher council for judiciary Fathy Khalifa has started looking into the case filed against Bastawesy and Mekky. Some of the procedures were described by the press as illegitimate.

Judges from Egypt’s different Governorates in Solidarity with Cairo’s Judges
In an unprecedented move today, judges from Egypt’s different Governorates and provinces in solidarity with the judges’ position as well as with Bastawesy and Mekky joined the sit in at the Judges Club in Cairo.

This is one of reasons why today was so special, it gathered different judges from all over Egypt who are ready to stand against the regime of Mubarak.

The sit-in area, in front of the Judges club, is declared a “Liberated Area” for Egypt’s free citizens.

Freedom Tour Guides
Many activists are available free of charge for explaining what is happening there with information on the judges' stance. The moment I stepped in, questions were flooded on me. Who do I represent? I replied I represent myself and I think that’s enough.

Streets are Painted
Very nice statements are painted on the street between the headquarters of the Judges Club and the opposite sidewalk where the sit-in of the activists is taking place. Statements said “Egypt without Mubarak is Beautiful”, “No for the Regime’s Bullying”, “This is a Liberated Area for Egypt Youth”, “Honoring Mubarak by Burying Him”.
Copts Celebrates Easter at the Sit-in
I met some very popular Egyptian Coptic activists. They told me “we left our feast” and they meant the orthodox Easter to be in today’s protest and sit-in, “because is Egypt is more important”. This is so beautiful. I had goose bumps when I heard this. Happy Easter to all my Coptic friends.

Invitation for April 26
I learned today from the protesters that on April 26, wives and relatives of the Egyptian judges will be protesting in black. Anyone who cares about Egypt’s freedom is invited to come and join them in black this day.

Mubarak Hanging
As for the picture, this is one of the protesters and activists from Kefaya movement- the youth wing is hanging a picture for President Mubarak downtown in front of the Judges Club headquarters in Cairo, showing it to all cars that stop in the light traffic.

More Pics from Today
Protesters sitting
Down: White Sign reads "Protesting in solidarity with the Judges against Crimes of Tyranny"
Down: The black sign reads "Liberated Zone, Join Us" Previously about the judges' battle on "Freedom for Egyptians":
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At 2:13 PM, Anonymous micha said...

i think you need to check the photos, they are not appearing.. good post & good work. m

At 2:14 PM, Anonymous micha said...

hi, tis me ...
none the pictures on ur blog are appearing.

At 3:40 PM, Blogger Mowatn Masry said...

كلنا نقف مع قضاه مصر ضد كل محاولات النيل من استقلال وحريه القضاء المصرى

لقد وضع الحكم التاريخى للمحكمه الدستوريه العليا الصادر فى العام 2000 بوجوب الاشراف القضائى الكامل على الانتخابات التشريعيه والرئاسيه الحكومه فى مازق خطير وهو عدم تمكينها من التزوير بكل بساطه حيث اصبحت عمليه تزوير الانتخابات اكثر صعوبه من ذى قبل
وهاهى الان تعاقب القضاه الشرفاء الذين رفضوا كل محاولات التزوير ,لتمهد الطريق لتطبيق سيناريو مفبرك لتوريث الحكم لجمال مبارك

At 4:16 PM, Anonymous Amr said...

The young man symbolically hanging Mubaraka is also a blogger. I spent the night and left a few hours before you arrived. The judges appreciate the sidewalk sit-in, and have come down at one in the morning to shake hands with us.

While 50 judges are staying at the Club, it is a shame that only 15 end up spending the night each night.

At 4:34 PM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...


The photos are showing, please check your connection. May be this is the reason.

Mowatn Masry,

أولا أسجل إعجابي باسمك فكلنا مواطنين.


I arrived late today as well, but at least I managed to take some photos.

If 15 judges only are spending the night, it is still a good job. They are real heros.

At 8:15 PM, Blogger Gateway Pundit said...

Good for you all with your protest.
Be safe.

At 8:51 PM, Anonymous Amr said...

Not very safe, unfortunately. One judge and 15 protestors were arrested a while ago. The whole sit-in site has been evacuated. Click over to a list of names and hopefully some updates, in Arabic.

At 1:42 PM, Blogger Egypeter said...

Hey FFE:

Sad news. Dahab just got bombed! Initial reports are saying up to 100 dead!

And Big Pharaoh just went down to their for the celebrations. Don't know where he went exactly but it's pretty scary.

Pray for peace


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