Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Baby

My baby is turning three years this month. I cannot believe how time has passed so quickly. On June 25, 2005, my baby was born in a good shape. I am an only daughter so is my baby. Elder kids like me are born independent so is my baby. She is not totally fatherless. She has a father who witnessed and “inspired” her birth. Remotely he saw her growing everyday, proud of her. He frequently fed her, though busy moving between places. She was not born within wedlock, but who cares. She does not need papers. I do not find a problem taking her anywhere and cross borders with her. I do not mind leaving her alone by herself, she knows how to strike friendships and play and talk with other people of all ages. I never worry about her. Like all kids, they change their parents’ lives. She changed my life too. However, I did not have to shut down other rooms in my life especially for her. I created a room for her in my life but not at the expense of others in my life. I look at her and I see part of me. Sometimes, I think that I am her kid. She takes all my moods and whims. She keeps my secrets. I say what I want to say in front of her without embarrassment and without abusing her. She does not mind. She is so naughty and playful. She attracts attention everywhere she goes. I get lots of comments from her viewers that I have to respond. Her friends became my friends. I had to accompany her to public gatherings and talk about her. I can never be more proud when I am applauded for her. I do not take care of her everyday as I used to be in her first months. She is getting older and she takes care of some of her stuff. Last year I thought of getting her a sibling, but I thought it is too much work. I am so busy. She has already millions of siblings from all over the world. They keep her entertained.

And because she is turning three this month, two weeks ago my baby joined baby day care while I am busy doing other things in my life. I am giving her an opportunity to mingle, deal and care for other siblings of different nationalities and also help her grow in a different healthy direction. I have been preparing her for this moment since last April and so far she is doing well. “Freedom for Egyptians”, you are three years old, but I feel as if I knew you all my life. You were somewhere in my mind all those years waiting to be born!

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